q  A Good Attitude and Sense of Humor

q  Tickets/Boarding Passes

q  Passport

q  Photocopy of Passport

q  Vaccination Certificate

q  Wallet (including credit/debit cards, drivers license, airline/hotel/car rental cards, medical insurance card)

q  Foreign Currency

q  Itinerary

q  Reservations and Confirmation Numbers

q  Travel Insurance Phone Number/Wallet Card

q  Phone Numbers and Telephone Calling Card

q  Business Cards

q  Business Literature

q  Pen and Paper

q  Highlighter Pen

q  Addresses (can pre-print labels for postcards) and Stamps (if mailing domestically)

q  Empty Envelope/Folder (for receipts, etc.)

q  Gum/Mints

q  Power Bars/Snacks

q  Water Bottle

q  Cell Phone (will it work where you’ll be?)

q  Laptop/iPad/Kindle/Portable DVD Player

q  iPod/Docking Station/Speakers

q  Noise Cancelling Headphones

q  Travel Pillow

q  Eye Shade/Earplugs

q  Camera/Camcorder

q  GPS

q  Mouse, Cords, Chargers

q  Eyeglasses/Reading Glasses/Contacts (and spare pairs)

q  Sunglasses

q  Prescription Medications (in original containers – can include copy of the doctor’s prescription)

q  Purell/Antibacterial Wipes

q  Lip Balm/Moisturizer

q  Kleenex

q  Books/Magazines

q  Maps/Directions/Travel Guides

q  Plastic Bag – 1 quart size for airport security

q  Change of Clothes and Hygiene Items (just in case luggage doesn’t arrive with you)

q  ___________________________________

q  ___________________________________





q  Luggage Locks (TSA approved)

q  Travel Alarm Clock

q  Extra Batteries/Battery Charger

q  Electrical Converters

q  Power Strip/Extension Cord

q  Binoculars

q  Small Flashlight

q  Plug-in Nightlight

q  Travel Iron/Clothes Steamer (not permitted on cruise ships)

q  Compact Fan/Air Purifier

q  Calculator

q  Umbrella

q  Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Dental Floss

q  Comb/Brush

q  Deodorant

q  Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Spray and Styling Products

q  Lotion

q  Soap – Hand, Bath, Laundry

q  First Aid Supplies/Medicines (aspirin, antacid, Imodium, Benadryl, cold medication, anti-bacterial, Band-Aids, Sea Bands, Bonine/Dramamine, insect repellant, blemish cream)

q  Vitamins/Supplements

q  Suntan Lotion/Sunburn Relief/Cosmetics with SPF

q  Shaving Equipment

q  Blow Dryer/Hair Iron

q  Perfume/Body Splash/After Shave

q  Feminine Hygiene Products

q  Talcum Powder/Anti-Fungal Spray

q  Makeup/Cosmetics Bag

q  Q-Tips/Cotton Balls

q  Manicure Kit

q  Eyeglass Cleaner

q  Spot Remover

q  Small Sewing Kit (needles, thread, safety pins, spare buttons)

q  Air Freshener

q  Plastic Bags – large for liquids/wet items/dirty clothes

q  Beach Towels

q  Sports Equipment

q  Candles (not permitted on cruise ships)

q  Bottled Water/Powdered Gatorade/Liquid flavoring drops

q  Small Insulated Cooler Bag

q  Lightweight Tote Bag

q  Travel Mug

q  Hanging Shoe Organizer (great for toiletries—hang over bathroom door)

q  Clips (i.e. chip clips, clothespins, binder clips) to close curtains, weigh down shower curtain or hang wet clothes

q  Bungee Cord (to keep things open or to keep things closed)

q  ___________________________________

q  ___________________________________



His Clothing Checklist:


q  Bathing Suit

q  Belts

q  Cuff Links/Tux Shirt Studs

q  Gloves

q  Handkerchiefs

q  Hats

q  Pajamas

q  Pants/Trousers/Jeans

q  Raincoat/Coat/Jacket (lightweight waterproof)/Rain Poncho

q  Robe

q  Scarf

q  Shirts

q  Shorts

q  Shoes, dress and walking

q  Socks

q  Slippers

q  Flip Flops

q  Sport Coats

q  Suits

q  Ties

q  Underwear

q  Workout Clothes

q  ___________________________________

q  ___________________________________


Her Clothing Checklist:


q  Belts

q  Blouses/T-Shirts

q  Beach Cover-up

q  Boots

q  Dresses

q  Gloves

q  Handbags, Travel and Dress

q  Hats

q  Jackets

q  Jewelry

q  Lingerie

q  Camisoles

q  Nylons/Tights/Socks/Leggings

q  Pants/Trousers/Jeans/Capris

q  Pajamas/Nightshirt

q  Raincoat/Coat/Jacket (lightweight waterproof)/Rain Poncho

q  Robe

q  Scarves

q  Shawl

q  Shoes, Dress and Walking

q  Slippers

q  Flip Flops

q  Swimsuits

q  Sweaters

q  Suits

q  Skirts

q  Shorts

q  Workout Clothes

q  ___________________________________

q  ___________________________________


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