Santorini and Athens, Greece – October 2010

Dr. and Mrs. A. Leff – Highpoint, NC

Santorini SunsetIt was a WONDERFUL trip!!!  We loved it!  The Altana Traditional Suites boutique hotel is TOPS!!!  The sunset picture shows the table and chairs on "our veranda" at the Altana.  It was just what we were looking for—you (and we) hit the jackpot!  It turned out there was only one “sunset" to see due to clouds and fog some evenings, but we made great use of the table and chairs daily!!!


I am not sure if I mentioned before how busy the Acropolis gets (in Oct.), as well as the many cruise ships that come to Santorini.  We saw them daily—sometimes 3-4 ships.  The heavy tourism speaks to trying to go during the off time.  August, when much of Europe is on vacation, must be crazy in Greece!  Also, Santorini is not for those on crutches or in a wheelchair.  The paths/sidewalks are rugged, old stones, and you cannot drive close to the hotels or restaurants much of the time.

Santorini View