Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas

Bermuda Cruise – 13-18 November 2010

Szucs Family – Cleveland, OH

Anniversary Celebration

Had a great time!  A couple days of rough seas (Sunday and Wednesday) but great weather in Bermuda.  Went to Horseshoe Bay—beautiful!  Killed my camera, but that was a stupid blonde moment.  Camera meets Atlantic—camera loses.  One pic is the wait staff (including our waiter Jorge from Mexico) singing to Mom and Dad after delivering cake with candle.  Very nice.

Regarding keeping insulin cold, I also found out that the ship “rents” mini fridges for the rooms.  They are 1st come 1st serve, but Sue and Dave were able to get one.  They also told him if he wasn’t able to get one that they would refill the ice bucket to ensure it stayed cold.  I am also sure that had they asked the infirmary would have kept it for him too.

So when we arrived at the check in desk, given the dilemma of my sister forgetting her carryon bag including toiletries, medications, insulin needles at home, we inquired on who we should see about medications, possible Fed Ex if we needed to obtain the original bag, etc.  She was told to see Guest Services as soon as she boards, which she did.  The staff handled the fridge in the cabin request for the insulin, but I believe the stateroom attendant would have, too.  It was at no cost, but they told her it’s limited quantity, so first come first serve based on availability.

Also I was also able to borrow a walking cane for Mom, and as long as it was returned before they closed the day before docking, it was free.  I went into the Infirmary and just asked.  I did have to sign a waiver and was told if unreturned I would be charged USD 50.00.

Dad went snorkeling on Monday, and then we met him in Hamilton.  We took the Ferry to Hamilton, then the #7 bus to Horseshoe Bay.  We walked down and some of us took the $2.00 shuttle back up the hill.

Sue came in third in a card tournament in the Casino.

Sue also left her Sea Pass in the cabin at the end of the cruise, she didn’t realize she needed it to disembark the ship at the end.  We did the Express Disembarkation (carry your own luggage off) which worked out really well.

Dave and I found a great spot to sit at the end of the pier in King’s Wharf (photo).  Thom fulfilled his mission to not get off the ship at all.

Loved the three-piece band singing in the Centrum.  This is a photo from that Deck 4 lounge.


Kings Wharf, BermudaBermuda View from Enchantment Centrum