Dreams La Romana – Dominican Republic

by Mr. and Mrs. C. Buss – Shaker Heights, OH

The USA3000 flights both ways were right on time, and the Punta Cana open-air airport was really a great structure and design. The hotel was 50 minutes from the airport.


The hotel was very nice and next to the pool and the beach. Our bed was huge and very comfortable. There are nine buildings, and the pool went the length of five buildings which was fun. The loud music on the beach drove me crazy starting at 9 until 6, so I wore earplugs. The beach was nice, but I got caught in the sharp rocks by the the roped off area. The swimming beaches are where the large cluster of hotels are located in the Bavaro area.


It was 90 every day. The meals were excellent except for the Japanese, but we met some fun people there. We went on an outback trip to the mountains which was a lot of fun. The shows were very good. On the last day, the hotel called and wanted to make a reservation for us, so we went to the French restaurant for the second time. The server brought us a wonderful appetizer and French champagne along with the delicious dinner. The overall service was excellent. I also got an 80 minute massage which was the best I've ever had.