Celebrity Summit

Southern Caribbean Cruise – 13-20 November 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Byers – The Woodlands, TX

Mr. and Mrs. Williams – Brentwood, TN

Tobago SunsetJust wanted to let you know we had a great time on our cruise!  Thank you so much for all of your help in arranging it.  We loved Celebrity, and we loved being in Concierge Class.  Yummy canapés every night in our room, plus gorgeous sunsets from our balconies was well worth it!  My favorite island was Tobago, where we took a snorkeling and glass-bottom boat tour.  The water and beaches were the best!  And, we saw whales on our excursion from Dominica, and rainbows in Granada.  What could be more perfect than whales AND rainbows????  Thought you might enjoy seeing two photos of our vacation.  Again, thank you! Dottie


Jim and I will ditto everything Dottie said.  We had the best vacation!  Yesterday morning I had this dream that the sirens went off on the boat, and we had to get to our muster station.  Unfortunately, it was my alarm clock telling me that vacation was over, and I need to get my rear end to work!  I wanted to shoot myself.  It is hard to pick a favorite island, but I agree with Dottie that Tobago is probably it for me also.  For Jim it will probably be Dominica because of the whale thing.  Anyway, it was all wonderful but sharing it with our great friends made it even more special.  Thanks, Adrienne. CarolFormal Night