Beaches Resort by Sandals - Turks and Caicos

 - by Bill and Nancy Burcham

We had a great trip. The airline schedules worked well, and once we got through the transfer to the resort and the check-in, everything was perfect. Beaches Resort by Sandals Turks and Caicos is an especially great place if you like sun, water sports, and eating. It was quiet and not crowded with lots of families. However, most of the kids were around the water park, so the rest of the spacious grounds were mostly occupied by adults.


They have a new Italian Village with the main pool and rooms on one side of it. One night we watched Shaq standing in the middle of this pool having a great time throwing a football. He is one large hombre. The tower at the end of the pool had a combo playing music on the second level and the lower level is a swim-up bar.