AmaWaterways AmaLegro – 23 August – 3 September 2010

The Romantic Danube River Cruise/Land Tour – Prague to Budapest

notes from The Tyers’

It was a delightful experience.  Ama orchestrated everything almost perfectly.  The tour director was exceptional; guides were wonderful.  Unfortunately, Vienna was windy and rainy—a miserable experience.  Everything was well designed.  Wish there would have been more time river cruising, looking out at the scenery.  We moved at night.  I learned that you spend more time actually cruising the river in daylight on a Rhine River cruise.


Prague City View

Our favorite was Prague.  Budapest was nice.  The food was good, and the stateroom was wonderful.  Everyone mixed very well.  People made an effort to sit with different people at different meals.  The cruise director told us on the last cruise, the passengers didn’t mix.

Their “infotainment” system wasn’t great.  It was down about 80% of the time.  Couldn’t watch a movie in the room.  Internet access wasn’t working—had to go off the ship.  Ama shouldn’t “tout” that. 

Staff couldn’t have been better.  Very personal.  Really get to know who everyone is.  Everything was timed well.  Nothing felt rushed.  Tours weren’t overwhelming.  Nothing started at 7 am, there was always time for breakfast.  Tours lasted about four hours so you could also have time on your own.  They split you up depending on whether you wanted a fast, slow or medium paced tour.  There were no decrepit travelers, the group was mobile—active adults.  They used a QuietVox for every tour.  They were color coded by the pace of tour, so you took the one you wanted.  There were about 20-25 people in a tour group so you didn’t get lost. 

There were 145 people on the ship.  50% Americans, 40% Canadians with some from Peru, Italy, Hong Kong.  A lot of Americans from NY/NJ who are now in FL.

It was 65 and overcast—drizzly and drippy.  Budapest at night was great.  The captain took the ship out at night and cruised around for about an hour.

The transfer process was seamless.  There was an AmaWaterways check-in desk at the airport in Prague.  The bathrooms in the cabins were spacious.  Bedding was wonderful.

Old Town Hilton in Prague where they had us was tired but in a great location.

I felt like I got my money’s worth.